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White bitches still take the crown of nasiest hoes in the porn game!

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ROXY REYNOLDS & MISTY STONE: Give You No Choice but to fap

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I cant stop talking about Roxy Reynolds. She is one of the most sexy and charismatic ebony lovlies in the jizz biz. I like my porn extra hardcore and so far to this point after her 2005 debut she has still dodged taking cock up the ass when its a standard practice that nearly 95% of her peers have ventured into. In fact new up and cummers like Cheri Hilson and Megan Vaughn did anal from there immediate debut. So why does Roxey stay known in an extreme biz that can find any girl to do anything and if they dont there are 10 hoes waiting to take that spot? I guess its like Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz in “real” movies and getting paid top dollar and wouldnt give you one little nipple slip. I guess if you can be big time without having to do certain things then you can just be the exception. Just to show you the stranglehold she has the gif above was posted on my Tumblr and it went bat shit crazy with reblogs. Anyway, you can catch Roxy in your city because shes often on tour taking the show on the road as a celebrity guest at your gentlemens club. Twerking, shaking that ass, hitting the pole and shooting fluids out of her pussy. I hope she never retires Im hooked and ill keep on fappin!

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